The Conversation



We have created The Conversation; an unconventional support group for men led by men. The group allows men to network with each other in a safe space. A clinician or counselor is always present to give support as needed. It is imperative that men share their stories amongst themselves and gather strength and support from each other. We have decided to take more of an ecological approach by realizing that we must accept each individual at the level they are currently at in their respective lives.

The organization has decided to tackle the issue of intimate partner violence as survivors of sexual violence often struggle in their relationship. Oftentimes survivors struggle with shame and guilt; continuous victimization within relationships can easily be falsely construed as normal.

As The Conversation grows, we would like to expand our groups to involve parents, partners and family members of survivors to gather more information on how to be supportive to family members who are survivors. It is important to have parents participate in the groups, as too often parents blame themselves for the abuse, or feel that they did something wrong. It is important to also note that sexual abuse cannot occur without trust. Over 90% of victims know their perpetrators.

The Conversation will attempt to address:

 Childhood Sexual Abuse

 Male Rape

 Prison Rape

 Intimate Partner Violence

 Workplace Sexual Harassment


Daring Greatly

Resource Guide

We have decided to utilize the book “Daring Greatly” as a resource guide as it addresses topics, such as vulnerability, shame, guilt and living in one’s truth. Participants will not be given free copies of the book, howeverit would be highly recommended that they get a hard copy or download an electronic copy.